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Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Featured Image: Mind Control In America. SOURCE: Thanx to Steven Jacobson

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Monarch The New Phoenix Program I

Uploaded on Aug 2, 2011

Cointelpro type operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave weapons. . . . Continue


Monarch The New Phoenix Program II 

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Uploaded on Mar 4, 2011

1:19:59 – 1 year ago
Film about microwave weapons war crimes and crimes against humanity. The victims tell their story of being tortured mercilessly with state of the art anti-personnel weapons.

Monarch The New Phoenix Program part 3

Monarch The New Phoenix Program part 4

Monarch The New Phoenix Program part 5


Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive: “Mind Control”


THEI Mind Control Page (video Reports)

Mind control of the population is one of the scariest methods of mind destruction in the Controllers arsenal.  The following documents the development of mind control methods. . . .EDITOR

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MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research – Human Experiments in the United States

Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Manchurian Candidate

Mind Control – America’s Secret War HQ FULL