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Oh S**T, here comes a ROBOT to take my JOB!

That’s What I’m talking about!

Finally! Someone has brought this, well known, but only whispered about, dirty little secret out in the open.  The replacement of human workers by robots is running right on schedule.  If  the “Robots replacing Humans” aspect of the big picture is new to you then spend a little time browsing through our Robotics Archive and come up to speed. Ask yourself “Who is paying for all of this research and preparation to make robots human?”

The fact is, this human worker replacement plan will dove-tail nicely with the Globalist Controllers Agenda 21 plan and the long rumored up-coming controlled population down sizing.

At least in my conspiratorial mind. . . EDITOR

From The Register By Alistair Dabbs, 12th April 2013


…”Moshe Vardi, professor of Computational Engineering at Rice University, Texas, suggested that “routinized” jobs will be taken over by robots long before we reach mid-century and that the impact on unskilled human employment could be devastating to populations.” . . .

…”Henrik Christensen, director of the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech, offered a counter-argument this month. While robots will indeed take over drudgery and demeaning work, he reckons, meat-heads could be retrained to find skilled employment.” . . . Read Complete Report


From IEEE Spectrum


THEI Selected Short Subject: My Dog Can Skype! (Video)

Photo: In England, artist Francis Barraud (1856-1924) painted his brother’s dog Nipper listening to the horn of an early phonograph during the winter of 1898. Victor Talking Machine Company began using the symbol in 1900, and Nipper joined the RCA family in 1929 SOURCE Wikipedia (Public Domain)

from youtube

Uploaded by Ali Wasel

Published on Jan 11, 2013

This is Gaytor, our wire haired fox terrier. When he isn’t constantly growling, or being a butt head, he enjoys skyping other dogs. (The video we showed him was already on youtube!)