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From NBC Nightly News | Aired on December 27, 2012 ~ Remembering those who rode into the sunset in 2012 (Video Report)

Thanks to NBC for making this great tribute available. . . . EDITOR

Nightly News   |  Aired on December 27, 2012

Remembering lives lost in 2012
Whitney Houston, Dick Clark, Johnny Pesky, and George McGovern are just a few of the notable newsmakers who died in 2012, leaving behind a legacy imbued in American history. Here’s a look back at their impact on our lives.

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NYC Soda Ban – Heated TYT Debate (video report)

This discussion shouldn’t even be happening. It is not the government’s business to “control” anything to do with what we decide to buy except for two reasons.

In a demand like this from government you have to remember there is always a money angle that is the true reason for government involvement. Even with this law in place a person can buy 2 8 oz sodas if he wants 16 oz’s. but it will cost them more in purchase price and “NYC Taxes.” Get it . . . EDITOR

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“In New York City — which already bans smoking in public parks in the name of public health and bars artificial trans fats from food served in restaurants — Mayor Michael Bloomberg now wants to stop sales of large sodas and other sugary drinks, in a bid to battle obesity…”.* Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, Lucas Lilieholm, Jayar Jackson, and Jesus Godoy debate.

Are you watching what you eat? Be assured THEY are! (video report)

At the very beginning of the video report Brian Williams asks the major question. How are they “seeing” what we eat in our own homes?  This is scary . . . EDITOR

from NBC Nightly News


New app tracks eating habits
An iPhone app called Eatery provides a unique way to watch what you eat: snap a picture of the food, and over time the app will offer suggestions on how to make dietary changes. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

How does it work? Check it out for yourself at Massive Health