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Chicago Police Echo White House Saying First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated (w/video)

What “freedom of the press”?

Americans better wake up. This is not a case of members of the alternative press being arrested at some protest. This is the case of a MSM crew being harassed while trying to do their assigned job. And this is not an isolated incident. This type of stomping on our 1st amendment rights is becoming more and more common. Scary tactics. . . EDITOR

from Godfathers Politics

There is one thing that Barack Obama has been successful at since taking the helm of the nation and that is trampling on the US Constitution and the constitutional rights of American citizens.  The Constitution requires the President to obey and protect the laws of the land.  Nowhere does it say that he can ignore or pick and choose which laws he wants to keep and which ones he can disregard.  That’s one of the reasons our Founding Fathers established three branches of government and not one.

Obama has often expressed his desire to do away with the Second Amendment right to carry and bear arms.  More recently, he seems to be also trying to do away with the First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom of religion and the freedom to redress grievances against the government. . . . Red Complete Report