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War With North Korea – Lost in Translation? (Video Report) (+) UPDATE: U.S. Moves Towards War With North Korea – WW3 Watch

Leader of North Korea, 29 year old Kim Jong il on August 24 2011. Attribute www.kremlin.ru.SOURCE: Wikipedia. (Public-Domain)

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Published on Apr 13, 2013

In the escalating political cauldron of North Korea, Russian media is stating that some of the rhetoric of war has been mistranslated and amplified by the media. Buzzsaw host Tyrel Ventura and producer Tabetha Wallace discuss North Korea’s “Lil’ Kim.”

Watch the full episode of Buzzsaw here:

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U.S. Moves Towards War With North Korea – WW3 Watch

Published on Apr 8, 2013

A recent agreement between the U.S. and South Korea drastically increases the likelihood of U.S. troops engaging North Korea militarily. The movement of U.S. naval destroyers into the region indicate that this is not empty talk.

Hayden: Situation With North Korea ‘On the Edge’

From lignet April 3, 2013

Former CIA Director
told LIGNET this week that the possibility of North Korea launching a nuclear attack is “somewhere between extremely remote and zero,” but that he believes the current situation with the North is extremely dangerous and is becoming more so by the year. The cycle of threats by North Korea followed by promises of aid must be broken, he said.
In this exclusive interview, General Hayden talks about the strategy behind North Korea’s belligerent rhetoric and provides his assessment of whether the Kim Jong Un regime is really intent on conducting an attack (All Rights Reserved LIGNET.com). . . Read Complete Report

North Korea Threatens ‘All Out Confrontation’… Nuclear, Missile Tests ‘Aimed At US’ (Video Report)

From Investment Watch

January 23rd, 2013

EOUL, Jan. 23 (Yonhap) — North Korea has completed all technical preparations for a nuclear test and can carry it out in a few days if it makes a decision, a South Korean intelligence source said Wednesday.

North Korea had dug up a tunnel for a test at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site, but the tunnel has now been plugged with dirt and concrete, the source said, suggesting that all measuring and other equipment has already been installed inside.

It was unclear when the tunnel was sealed. . . . Read Complete Report (w/additional links)


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Published on Jan 23, 2013

The Statement of DPRK’s Foreign Ministry on the new Sanctions of the United Nations Security Council against the DPRK. It is the Sovereign Right of the DPRK to launch Satellites!

Propaganda – Full North-Korean Documentary (Video)

Unfortunately the North Korean film makers did not have to use THEIR propaganda to create this Documentary … they only had to do their research and tell the truth, sad, sad, sad. . . EDITOR

From Brass Check TV

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Published on Jul 14, 2012

An English spoken North Korean film about western propaganda. A few of the North Koreans about how they see the west.
A copy of the film user Sabineprogram uploaded to youtube. In case it’s going to be taken down. (http://www.youtube.com/user/sabineprogram)