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UNKNOWN Space Object Just Did THIS On Camera 7/4/17

The most important sequence in this report is the expressions on Buzz Aldrens face while Trump is talking about space. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

UNKNOWN Space Object Just Did THIS On Camera 7/4/17

YouTube ~ secureteam10

 Published on Jul 4, 2017

Dig a Little DEEPER: UFO Enclosure

Mystery Object Baffles Astronomers

Featured Image: Needle Galaxy Edge on and Up-Close. SOURCE: NASA (Public-Domain)

From Ideas, Inventions And Innovations

An object discovered by astrophysicists at the University of Toronto (U of T) nearly 500 light years away from the Sun may challenge traditional understandings about how planets and stars form.

The object is located near and likely orbiting a very young star about 440 light years away from the Sun, and is leading astrophysicists to believe that there is not an easy-to-define line between what is and is not a planet. . . . Read Complete Report

Mysterious object falls from sky near home in Titusville (w/Video Report)

Photo: Weather Balloon I.D. Chart SOURCE Google (Public Domain)

from Florida Today

6:26 PM, Sep 12, 2012

Roz Foster was sitting in her home office just before 9 a.m. this morning when she was alerted by a “thump, thump” outside the window.

“I looked out and there was this orange thing draped over my pergola,” said Foster, 71.

She investigated further and found a cream-and-orange balloon hanging from the pergola.

“And then there was a little Styrofoam box with wire probes sticking out each end of it,” she said. “On the top of it is says high-low.”

Foster suspected the “high-low” was a reference to voltage, and not knowing what else to do, called for help. . . . Read Complete Report