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Nathan Schneider Discusses the Occupy Movement (Video Report)

Featured Image: OccupyWallStreet. CREDIT: David Shankbone. (Public-Domain)

OCCUPY- Combination_of_October_2011_global_protests SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain2nd Image: A combination for the pictures of october 2011 global protests (Note: most of the pictures was taken in 15 october, but not all of them), the place where the pictures have been taken from left to right and above to below: London, UK – São Paulo, Btazil – Wall street, Newyork city, USA – Montreal, Canada – Zürich, Switzerland – Frankfurt, Germany. CREDIT: Authors of the files (by the same order of the files): Roland zh، Lutz، Crispin Semmens، Justinform، Biella “Gabriella” Coleman، David Shankbone. (Combined by Abbad). SOURCE: Wikipedias Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

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Published on Sep 23, 2013

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 (video Report from Canada)

Another story those in the MSM have refused to cover for years. THEI will be alerting our readers to the up-to-the-minute coverage from the alternative press for the 2012 Bilderburg summit meeting in Chantilly Virgina. . . . EDITOR

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REAL Voices From the Occupy Movement

Due to the fact that the mainstream press only presents biased “sound bites” anti-view of the Occupy Movement by only showing the negative few who always join in any demonstration to demonstrate their form of anarchy, we here at THEI feel that someone needs to present the REAL people who are involved with the Occupy Movement – Americas true heroes of the day. Enjoy! . . . EDITOR

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UK: Activists ask: Undercover cop? Or one of us?

Worldblog from NBC News

By Annabel Roberts, NBC News

News analysis

LONDON – From Occupy protesters popping up worldwide, to students marching against tuition fees, to the anti-nuclear movement – people are angry and social activism seems to be on the rise.

But now in the U.K. there is a question on the lips of many activists: Whom can we trust? . . . continue

If you think it’s any different in the Occupy Movement in the United States I got some Florida Swamp land I’ll sell ya … cheap… EDITOR