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IN THE NEXT TEN DAYS? ~Planet X update (Video Report)

Featured Image: Blue Planet artwork. SOURCE Wikipedia. (Public-Domain).

Boy an I glad I learned to “duck and cover” in my childhood.  And, I got me a case of pork ‘n’ beans and a couple of cans of spam put away.  I’m prepared.

As far as needing my stash in the next ten days?  Whatever.  .  . EDITOR

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 Planet X: Special Bulletin! A Dwarf Star and Seven Planets Are Coming In, Now! 

Published on Aug 8, 2013

When I heard the podcasts, I got sick Do I have ten days to live?
Pattie Brassard sounds credible. . . From description of video.

THEI Selected Short Subject

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Duck and Cover – 1951

Uploaded on Apr 20, 2011

Selected for the 2004 National Film Registry of “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” motion pictures.

Famous Civil Defense film for children in which Bert the Turtle shows what to do in case of atomic attack.

Go a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive: “Planet X, Nibiru”

NASA discovers Earth like planets (W/Video Report)

Featured Image: Kepler-69 and the Solar System CREDIT NASA (Public Domain)

“The diagram compares the planets of the inner solar system to Kepler-69, a two-planet system about 2,700 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The two planets of Kepler-69 orbit a star that belongs to the same class as our sun, called G-type”. . . . Source NASA

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Published on Apr 22, 2013

NASA’s planet-hunting telescope has discovered two planets that seem like ideal places for some sort of life to flourish. They are just the right size and in just the right place near their star. It was a major breakthrough for astronomers when they located not one, but two habitable planets. Ian O’Neill astrophysicist and space producer of the www.discoverynews.com joins us to talk about this discovery.
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