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Poll: US seen as biggest threat to world peace

Featured Image: World Peace by Jenni. SOURCE: clker.com (Public Domain) From youtube uploaded by RT America· on Jan 2, 2014

Young Turks: Syrian War Bias On Cable News– You’ll Be Surprised [STUDY] (Video Report)

Featured Image:  Bombed out vehicles in Aleppo during the Syrian civil war. 6 October 2012. CREDIT:  Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from Aleppo, Syria. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (This media is in the public domain because it is material provided by Voice of America, the official external radio and TV broadcasting service of the U.S. federal government).

A Great example of how the REAL MSM follows orders from above that anyone can understand.  gives us insite as to how the suits and ‘talking heads’ ,including those at Al Jazeera, get their propaganda into the right ears to keep us seperated and hating each other.  Age old deception and distraction.  Could all the main stream media outlets be serving the same elitists?  

You thunk?. . . EDITOR 

From youtube uploaded by The Young Turks

Published on Sep 21, 2013

“The Pew Research Center released a study Monday that examines how new cable news network Al Jazeera America’s Syria coverage stacked up against its more established rivals CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and BBC America. . . . From description published with video.

Major Poll Reveals 12 Million Americans Believe Reptillian Illuminati Run the World (Video Report)

Featured Image: Reptoid. SOURCE: Reptoid Research Center

From youtube uploaded by Mark Dice

Published on Apr 4, 2013

A major polling firm has released a poll on popular conspiracy theories and reveals an interesting look at how many people believe in a variety of conspiracies ranging from the JFK assassination to the Reptillian Elite.

Poll Shows Concern About Drones and Domestic Surveillance (w/video)

Photo CBP Air and Marine officers control and watch images taken by Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) of the CBP. This surveillance provides information concerning illegal activities taking place in remote areas to Border Patrol agents. SOURCE Wikipedia Public Domain

from IEEE Spectrum

POSTED BY: Evan Ackerman  /  Mon, June 25, 2012

With a few arguably strange exceptions, nobody likes being spied on, and when you hear the phrase “domestic surveillance,” for better or worse being surveiled upon comes to mind. It’s unfortunate that the recent accessibility of unmanned aircraft has gotten drones wrapped up in all of this paranoia legitimate concern, and a new poll from Monmouth University shows that people are definitely worried about law enforcement using camera-equipped drones.

“The poll asked a national sample [approximately1.700 people] about four potential uses of unmanned drones by U.S. law enforcement. An overwhelming majority of Americans support the idea of using drones to help with search and rescue missions (80%). Two-thirds of the public also support using drones to track down runaway criminals (67%) and control illegal immigration on the nation’s border (64%). One area where Americans say that drones should not be used, though, is to issue speeding tickets. Only 23% support using drones for this routine police activity while a large majority of 67% oppose the idea.” . . . Read Complete Report

 Spy Drones Over America
from Youtube

 Published on May 17, 2012 by

Congress Approves 30,000 Spy Drones Over America As US Police State Tightens