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Shock Video: Police Prepare For War With Gun Owners, Preppers And Constitutionalists

Featured Image: An MRAP (Mine resistant ambush protected vehicles) Cougar HE tested in January 2007, with landmines detonating around it. Credit: United States Department of Defensehttp://www.marcorsyscom.usmc.mil/ Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain).

youtube by TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Dec 13, 2014

You will shocked by what you see in this video when a citizen asks a cop why they need a giant MRAP tank.

BugOut Vehicles Intro ~ EMP Proof Vehicle

THEI BugOut Information Page #3

Featured Image: 191-? SUMMARY
Two men by car fender and two women seated in back seat of a 1913 Ford Model T Touring automobile. View is from behind automobile, likely in North Dakota. SOURCE: Library of Congress. (Public Domain) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With the weather manipulators experimenting with unprecedented freaky weather, citizen riots in small towns and terrorists shouting their plans to destroy the U.S. (never mind the globalist one world order madness), no one can deny that we live in troubled times. I have been reporting on the plans of the Illuminati and their friends; followed the weather controllers as they got better and better in their efforts; and watched as the two party system merged together into what we have today. . . nothing!  As planned the controllers sent the jobs overseas and are in a fast lane towards complete control.  And time is short. The chip is coming. With all of this in mind we all need to have an escape plan and the right supplies and equipment.  If you are like me money is tight, so these BugOut reports will be featuring articles and videos showing us how to get the stuff we need to be ready to BugOut as cheaply as possible. . . . . EDITOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  BUGOUT Vehicles intro

Published on Jul 25, 2014

Series of videos on bugout vehicles starting with the main vehicle and some important tips. Bugout Bag contents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZipW…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EMP Proof Vehicle youtube from ETprepper Published on Aug 21, 2012 Dig a little DEEPER ~ THEI Archive BugOut

Survival Bunkers to fit any budget (+) Related Short Subject

THEI ‘BugOut’ Information Page #2 

Featured Image: 1950s fallout shelter.  SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain) From youtube uploaded by RT America The Resident: Check out this $11.5 million luxury Prepper bunker Published on Dec 25, 2013

An $11.5 million Prepper home was just put on the market in Yellow Jacket, Colorado, and it has everything a rich person needs to survive the Apocalypse of their choosing. It comes complete with 4 backup power systems, 5 backup heating systems, its own helicopter pad, its own well, a 7-step water filtration system, radio tower – you name it. It’s a great way to survive the end of times in luxury. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI.us Archive “The Resident” BONUS REPORTS_____________________ From youtube uploaded by AssociatedPress Doomsday Preppers Go Upscale With Luxury Bunker

Published on Sept 9, 2013

A Southern California company is building luxury survivalist bunkers complete with wide-screen TVs, plumbing, and bunk-beds. They start at about $65 thousand dollars and that doesn’t include the cost of digging a big enough hole. (Sept. 9)

From youtube uploaded by Atlas Shelters For Sale – used 10′ X 50′ Atlas Survival Shelter!

Published on Aug 28, 2013

“This is a once in a lifetime deal.”

We installed this Shelter for a TV series only. Now we need to pull it out and find it a permanent home. You can save around $30,000 on this 2011 (10′ X 50′) Home model from Atlas Survival Shelters. Included in the price will be all the furniture, water tanks, septic tanks, generator pod, and freight from the factory. Enjoy this video – this is the actual shelter! THEI.us Related Short Subject From youtube uploaded by William Glaser Retro: Life in My Fallout Shelter (AP U.S. History project)

Published on Jun 5, 2012

A short satirical educational film on the propaganda/informative films of the 1950’s & 60’s. Join the Wilson family in learning about the dangers of the atom bomb & Communists (focusing on the Arms Race & McCarthyism) in Cold War-era America.

But sleep well tonight, you’ve got Obama Care to protect you!