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Press Release from the Libertarian party: An Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates (w/Video Report)

Although I worked for 52 of my 68 years and paid my taxes every one of those years I am now retired on Social Security and pay no taxes because my income is below the level. That puts me in the 47% of Americans that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is not worried about in this election, and in fact showed a high disrespect for in the comments he made when he thought he wasn’t being watched. (SEE Video at bottom of posting)

But I am also one of the 6% voting for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. As the longest running third party in the Nation I see no reason why, my choice,  Governor Johnson is not allowed to be in the debates.

This is blatantly ignoring MY presidential chose by the secretive Commission on Political Debates and another proof of the Controlled Police State we live in. . . . EDITOR

from The Libertarian Party

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Members of the Commission:

On behalf of the 6% of likely voters nationwide who plan to vote for the Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray this November 6th (Polled 9/21 by Princeton Survey Research International),

On behalf of the 2% to 10.6% of likely voters polled in the razor-close Tipping Point States of New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado — who plan to vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate, 2-Term Governor Gary Johnson,

On behalf of the 26,192 individuals (as of 10/1/12) who signed the petition for you to include Libertarian Presidential candidate, Governor Gary Johnson in the Presidential Debates with Democratic Presidential candidate, President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate, Governor Mitt Romney,

2-Term Governor Gary Johnson is Qualified to be Included in these Presidential Debates . . . Read Complete Press Release

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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates that start in Denver on Oct. 3.

It’s unlikely that he will succeed, but Johnson argues that the private Commission on Presidential Debates, along with the Democratic and the Republican parties, are unfairly blocking him from participating. Only President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are being allowed to debate. . . From the text posted with video on youtube

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Mitt Romney 47% Of Americans Pay No Income Tax Leaked Video

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