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UFOs, Richard Dolan, The Need To Know & A Salute to Steven Bassett

I applaud the hard work of Mr. Steven Bassett for all these years (20 I believe) of never ceasing to move forward with his project of “Disclosure” by the government in regards to UFOs.
After Steven Bassett and his group collecting 5000 signatures the Disclosure petition was submitted to the White House. As could be expected the petition was been answered with a non-answer (See Video) I consider Mr. Bassett a true hero for doggedly sticking to his guns for the truth all these years. I must admit I stood on the sidelines and watched. I have not really been behind the “Disclosure” movement. I have watched so many movements that were going to “get to the truth out” over the last 40 years that I guess I’ve become sort of pessimistic.¬† I firmly believe, that he UFO question will be answered by those boots-on-the-ground Ufologist like Steven Bassett, not by our controlled government.

Another hero in the seeking and reporting¬† of the truth concerning those elusive things in the sky, Richard Dolan ( author of the very revealing book Cover-Up Exposed: UFOs & The National Security State is now out to get even more signatures (2500) to push the Whitehorse again in stronger language. I guess I’m jumping on board now. Watch the video below and sign the partition. . . . EDITOR

LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT! The petition is valid for 30 days, and expires Dec. 30, 2011. It requires 25,000 signatures to elicit a response from the White House. Please sign. Go to http://afterdisclosure.com