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What the World Bank president said is INSANE

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youtube by RT America 

Published on Sept 29, 2014

Why the World Bank is now genuinely concerned about the poor.

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Mock News Channel, The Onion, to Help Sell Obamacare

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Mock News Channel, The Onion,

will use its usual satirical approach to real world news to help sell Obamacare to the good (young) people of Illinois. Oh the irony.

Illinois partners with The Onion to push Obamacare enrollment

February 10, 2014|By Peter Frost | Tribune reporter
Illinois officials are hoping headlines like “Recently Insured Man Can’t Wait To Get Out There, Start Seriously Injuring Himself,” and “Man Without Health Insurance is Forced to Sell Action Figures to Pay Medical Bills” will bring the right blend of comedy and news to persuade more young people to sign up for new health coverage.
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THEI.us Pick: Best Political Satire Cartoon of 2013

I want to take this time to give a special shout out to a true American patriot and hero David Dees. As our regular visitors can attest I never pass up a chance to include one of David’s great pieces of art work along with our featured stories. David truly proves the point that ” A picture is worth a thousand words” and as a concerned citizen he lets those of us trying to provide an Alternative to the corporate controller media his art free to use.  Thanx David. . . EDITOR 

From David Dees

dd395-hang-site dees

New Obamacare Mascot Announced (Satire)

THEI Selected Short Subject

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Published on Dec 13, 2013

(Satire) In an effort to Glamorize Obamacare and cater to the kids The Obama Administration has released a new mascot in order to get young children into the act of giving their personal information to untrained and sometimes criminal strangers. This information could get sold to telemarketers.

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The Humor of it All: Washington D.C. Ghost Town: Is New Portable Lie-Detector Technology To Blame?

Satire, but it could happen . . . EDITOR

From theintelhub.com

By Tony Muga
March 23, 2012


The streets and offices of Washington D.C. were like a ghost town Friday as Radio Shack opened its doors to brisk sales of the new ‘TruthTeller5000’; a portable, hand-held lie-detector costing less than $20. The new technology does not require the use of sensors or wires but instead utilizes a remote brain-wave detector that ‘homes in’ on the area of the brain most active when lying. The moment specific neural pathways ‘light up’, the TruthTeller5000 emits an audible alarm and flashing red light, alerting its operator that the subject is being less than honest.

Dr. Richard Solinsky, of Tandy Corporation’s Research and Development explains:The TruthTeller5000 is able to triangulate on the frontal cortex of any subject within its range of 100 feet, you simply acquire the target in the sights provided, engage the receiver button and question away! If the frontal cortex activates, the alarm sounds and bingo! You know the subject is lying.”

In what is being described as (and perhaps wrongly so) an ‘unfortunate side effect’ of this new technology, Washington D.C., the hallowed halls of Congress, and indeed the White House has been all but abandoned. As of Friday afternoon, only a skeleton-crew of clerks and janitors remain to operate the control center of the most powerful nation in the world.

Attempts to locate President Obama, in the form of repeated calls to the White House have gone unanswered. An anonymous source close to the President said that he “…left this morning in a hurry on an ‘indefinite leave of absence” and that “…he didn’t say when he would be back or even IF he’d be back.” . . . Complete Report