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Engineers create circuit boards that mimic human brain

Engineers create circuit boards that mimic human brain

Even though scientists have made leaps and bounds in computer innovations, we may be able to admit that no computer is equivalent to the human brain.

So, engineers from Stanford University decided to use the human brain as a starting point when developing a new type of circuit board.


Not only are PCs slower than human brains, but it also takes 40,000 times more power to run one.

“From a pure energy perspective, the brain is hard to match,” says Associate Professor Kwabena Boahen.

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Stanford researchers control light using synthetic magnetism

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December 4, 2012

Left to its own ways, light will follow the same path through an optical system whether the system is being used as a camera lens or as a projector. This is called time-reversal symmetry, or reciprocity. As many new applications and methods would be enabled by access to a non-reciprocal optical system, it is unfortunate that they have been so difficult to come by. But now researchers at Stanford University have discovered how to make such non-reciprocal systems by generating an effective magnetic field for photons. . .   . Read Complete Report