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Robot Treats Brain Clots With Steerable Needles (With Video)

Featured Image: The human brain. brain SOURCE www.wpclipart.com (Public-Domain).

From Science Daily

Aug. 8, 2013 — Surgery to relieve the damaging pressure caused by hemorrhaging in the brain is a perfect job for a robot.

That is the basic premise of a new image-guided surgical system under development at Vanderbilt University. It employs steerable needles about the size of those used for biopsies to penetrate the brain with minimal damage and suction away the blood clot that has formed. . . . Read Complete Report


From youtube uploaded by  VanderbiltUniversity

Robot treats brain clots with steerable needles

Published on Aug 7, 2013

A collaboration between Vanderbilt mechanical engineer Robert Webster and neurosurgeon Kyle Weaver has designed a special robotic system that uses tiny, steerable needles to suction out brain clots formed by intracranial hemorrhaging.

Videography by Joe Howell

Retro Sub Worlds: First Successful Underbalanced Operation in Horizontal Section Uses Rotary Steerable and EMpulse™ Technology

From the International Association Directional Drilling (IADD)

Written by: IADD Editor Friday, October 08, 2010

The objective of this project was to drill a 6 1/8-in. horizontal section. Based on previous experience, the well’s high levels of torque and drag precluded using conventional directional drilling technology. . . . Read Complete Report