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Stop Bending Over for the Banksters…

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Published on Dec 5, 2014

Each year – the American economy loses out on billions and billions of dollars thanks to corporations like General Electric and Verizon hiding their profits overseas. Isn’t time to end corporate tax avoidance – and use that tax revenue to stimulate the economy and improve American lives?

Only 2 days remain to stop the Government Internet takeover

Dear Patriot
We have only [2] days left to stop the federal government’s shameful plan to take over the Internet — and I need your help right away.

Please sign American Commitment’s new petition to the FCC right away, to make sure they stop this unprecedented takeover of the Internet – before it destroys online free enterprise for good.

On September 15th, the FCC will close the public comment period. . . Read Complete Report

Stop Internet Control









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Adam VS The Man: Stop playing the game (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by AdamKokesh

Published on Aug 19, 2013

292 AVTM LIVE 003 Broze & Cantwell

Pot Prohibition: Seattle Police Stop Training Drug Sniffing Dogs For Marijuana! (Video Report)

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Published on Mar 21, 2013

March 20, 2013 KOMO 4 News