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Peter Parker death (gasp!) roils Spider-Man fans. Why they’re taking it hard.

Photo: Artwork for Amazing Spider-Man #547 (Jan, 2008). Art by Steve McNiven.

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From The Christian Science Monitor 

By , Staff writer / December 27, 2012

Peter Parker death in the current ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ issue caught readers and fans off guard – and will probably deliver a sales kick for publisher Marvel Comics. 


Spider-Man’s amazing web dries up this week when Marvel Comics publishes the final issue of its long-running “Amazing Spider-Man” series, killing off alias Peter Parker.

Mr. Parker first became a hero to a nation of comic fans in 1962, discovering his superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. The original story, which introduced into the lexicon the phrase “with great power, comes great responsibility,” has served as the foundation for dozens of comic-book titles, television shows, movie franchises, and a Broadway musical featuring songs by members of the rock band U2. . . . Read Complete Report