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White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

From youtube uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Dec 13, 2013

Media Matters set to intensify attacks against Drudge, Infowars in concert with Obama advisors. http://www.infowars.com/white-

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Operation “Lowrider” – Feds Using Planes To Target Mexican Cartels – Happening Now (Video Report)

Featured Image: U.S./Mexican Border Map. SOURCE mapworld.com (Public-Domain)

From youtube uploaded by Mass Tea Party on Aug 28, 2013

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RETRO: Who Killed Bob Marley? (+) CIA Target of Bob Marley (Videos)

Featured Image: Bob Marley Statue, Kingston, Jamaica. CREDIT: Avda SOURCE: Wikipedia. 

From youtube uploaded by owenuwallbreaker  on Aug 6, 2011

From Daily Motion


Video By karol williams

Marley was actually warned later by the CIA,that if he did return to Jamaica before Government elections were held, he would be assassinated.The assination attempt was believed to be politically motivated at the time, though weather it was from left of right wing was a matter of debate. Evidence since, including testimony of a former CIA agent, has suggested the CIA supplied weapons for this attack and may have been involved in motivating it. The CIA have, to date, refused to de-classify any of their files and information regarding Bob Marley or offered explanation as to why they have classified files on him.


NASA Curiosity Rover Team Selects Second Drilling Target on Mars (+) How 3,500 of us want a one-way trip to Mars and be filmed on a ‘space-age reality TV programme’

Featured Image: Planet Mars. SOURCE: NASA (Public-Domain).

From Mars Daily by Staff Writers
Pasadena CA (JPL) May 13, 2013

NASA Curiosity Rover Team Selects Second Drilling Target on Mars

The team operating NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has selected a second target rock for drilling and sampling. The rover will set course to the drilling location in coming days

This second drilling target, called “Cumberland,” lies about nine feet (2.75 meters) west of the rock where Curiosity’s drill first touched Martian stone in February. Curiosity took the first rock sample ever collected on Mars from that rock, called “John Klein.” . . . Read Complete Report

And while we’re talking about Mars. . . 

From Mail Online (UK)


PUBLISHED: 16:50 EST, 12 May 2013 | UPDATED: 17:03 EST, 12 May 20 2012

How 3,500 of us want a one-way trip to Mars and be filmed on a ‘space-age reality TV programme’

More than 3,500 Britons have applied for a one-way ticket to Mars under a bold plan to fly four people there every year from 2023.

The colonists have to agree to stay on the red planet for the rest of their lives – and be filmed for a reality TV programme.

Mars One, the Dutch company behind the project, says energy will come from solar panels and eats will be grown on the planet. The venture has attracted 78,000 applications from more than 120 countries. . . . Read Complete Report

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From youtube uploaded by UFOTVstudios Aug 14, 2012

UFOTV® Presents – MISSION TO MARS: The Red Planet

Patented Gravitational Shockwave Weapons – Complete Destruction of your target

from http://www.frandeaquino.org/Gravitational%20Weapons.pdf

by Fran De Aquino
Maranhao State University, Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil.
Copyright © 2012 by Fran De Aquino. All Rights Reserved.
Detonation velocities, greater than that generated by high explosives (~10
4 m/s), can be achieved by using the
gravitational technology recently discovered. This possibility leads to the conception of powerful shockwave weapons.  Here, we show the design of a portable gravitational shockwave weapon, which can produce detonation velocities greater than 10 5 m/s, and detonation pressures greater than 10 10 N/m 2 . . . Read Complete Report