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Student Goes off at Teacher for Lack of Commitment in Teaching – Duncanville, Texas (Video Report)

Featured Image: Thanx to David Dees.

When I learn of Kids like this one it brings a little hope to the future of our controlled society. . . EDITOR

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Georgia Tech Robots Learn Deceptive Behaviors from Squirrels (w/ video)

If this doesn’t belong in our “Robots Replacing Humans” Archive, nothing does. Can’t wait until this is totally developed. Just think the tasks the Controllers could program into deceptive robots. . . . EDITOR

from IEEESpectrum


We know, we know, robots being deceptive sounds like a bad thing. Potentially avery bad thing. But the fact is, deception is everywhere, and for good reason: being deceptive is often the most efficient and effective way to protect yourself from harm. Deception is by no means unique to humans, either: animals are masters at deceiving other animals (and us), and Ron Arkin’s group at Georgia Tech has been teaching robots to learn deception from a pro: the squirrel. . . . Read Complete Report