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How Weed Works: THC (Video Report)

From youtube via scishow

Published on Apr 17, 2012

Hank explains the science behind the effects of that wackiest of weeds, cannabis sativa – aka marijuana.

Noted American Historian Newt Gingrich Says George Washington Would Have Punished Pot Growers

Newt Gingrich is well know as an American historian. So… either he isn’t the historian that he claims to be or he is the liar I believe him to be. The fact that George Washington grew hemp is well known across the land.

Newt check this out . . .  In his diary for August 7, 1765, Washington writes, “Began to separate the Male from the Female hemp … rather too late.” Female marijuana plants are the ones that contain enough THC to be worth smoking.  Mr. Gingrich you need to spend more time in your history library and less time telling people what you believe they want to hear to elect you President . One lying President is enough for now. . . EDITOR