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Retro: The Elusive ‘Mel’s Hole’ (video) plus original Art Bell interviews w/Mel himself (audio)

We have been on the trail of the elusive ‘Mel’s Hole since we first heard the report on Art Bell in 1997. Thanks’ to our at-large correspondent Tim Cridland here’s a new report.  No new info, but at least the quest is being kept alive by reports like these from time to time. . . EDITOR
Eastern Washington hole is shrouded in mystery
By Denise Whitaker
Published: Feb 7, 2012 at 11:33 PM PST
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2012 at 12:19 PM PST
ELLENSBURG, Wash. — From Bigfoot to the disappearance of D.B. Cooper, the Pacific Northwest is full of mysteries. Another mystery burred deep in the hills of eastern Washington keeps resurfacing.

Ellensburg and its surrounding valleys and Manastash Ridge are beautiful in any season.

Some believe what lies beneath is a deep, dark hole with supernatural powers.

A man named Red Elk is one of the only people alive known to have ever seen the mysterious hole.

A Native American Shaman, or medicine man, Red Elk said his dad first showed him the hole in 1961.

“He said ‘This is an endless hole,'” Red Elk said.

Red Elk’s been back many times and said strange things happen every time he goes near it.

“People get it confused with what I call the devil’s hole,” he said.

Many locals claim to know about the hole, but it didn’t become phenomena until 1997, when Mel Waters went on the Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell.. . . Read complete Report


BONUS: Original Art Bell interview with Mel and the “Screams from Hell” hoax recording.

UPDATE: 2?15?12: Thanks to Tim Cridland again.

a song Inspired by Mel’s Hole

‘Dark triangle’ reported low over Jacksonville, Florida

Well our good friend and regular Insider contributor Tim Cridland (Tim Cridland’s Off the Deep End) has done it to me again!  This report he sent me from LA actually took place just across the St. Johns River exactly due west of me – a distance of about 2 miles.  And I knew nothing of it until this post.  Way to go Tim! . . . EDITOR



from Examiner.com


‘Dark triangle’ reported low over Jacksonville, Florida

National ufo Examiner – December 6, 2011

Florida Map: Wikipedia

A Florida witness driving over the Timuquana Bridge on Jacksonville’s west side reports watching a “dark triangle” UFO between 300 and 400 feet in the air and moving between 40 and 60 mph, according to December 6, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting databas.

“I observed an apparent dark triangle about the size of a plane, with three uniform lights, one at each corner of the triangle, but with no flashing FAA lights,” the witness stated. “I am quite used to seeing many jets and planes regularly, as I live in close proximity to Naval Air Station Jacksonville, and this was not a plane.” . . . continue

THEI Welcomes Tim Cridland to our growing List of Insider Reporters



We are happy to report that our long time friend and super researcher Tim Cridland will be sharing his research and thoughts in his unscheduled column, Off the Deep End starting very soon.


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Tim is the co-author of “Weird Las Vegas and Nevada” which I believe is the best in the “Weird America Series” of books.

He is also know world wide as “Zamora the Torture King” the man who feels no pain. (see attached video of his appearance on the History channels “Stan Lee’s Super Humans)