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Starbase Indy, You Will be Assimilated

I just love it when somebody “gets in the spirit” of the celebration. In this case, the “celebration” is StarBase Indy, a Star Trek convention in Indianapolis Thanksgiving weekend. The Shane Company is sponsoring a portion of the “CON” insomuch as they paid to transport and secure a NASA moon rock for display at the Marriott Indianapolis East 21st Street venue.
However, if the ad agency is aware of the implications and irony of the ad, I would be very surprised. This is not an ad that would appeal to most bachelors, although Trekkers are not most bachelors. I wonder if the rocks on that ring are dilithium crystals…

I also wondered what they would do as a hand model recruiting ad for this sheet.

Modeling Position Available: Hand model needed. Real Alien implants preferred, but make up and appliques available to the right candidate. Must have reliable transporter.