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Massive UFO Prank On The Way from Anonymous? Or is the release going to be real and this information actually Dis-information??

UPDATE: 5/18/12.  Ol’ Eagle Eye Rick noticed that the dateline on this article is actually a year old.  Strange. The original posting (ANONYMOUS MESSAGE TO NASA ABOUT ETS (Video Message)) carries the date 5/1/20. I thought this story was a follow up. Is the date on this article right? Was an ANONYMOUS “hoax” exposed a year before being announced by the “group.”? Or was the announcement by ANONYMOUS posted a year late. If you know please post the answer. (I’m confused. I’m going back to bed). . . . EDITOR

This should be an entertaining story to follow. Stay tuned! . . . EDITOR

from Ghost Theory


Anonymous is in the midst of planning a world wide prank, this time, targeting UFO enthusiasts and well…almost everyone else.

If you aren’t familiar with who Anonymous is, then let me quickly fill you in. Anonymous is the name of an online group of people that come from all walks of life and stand for social justice. Online or offline. This group of people are made up of ‘hacktivists’ and the curious. But besides the political aspect, they also do things for the “lulz”. Meaning that the group of talented anonymous users like to stage big elaborate pranks.

Operation UFO is one of their latest pranks. On May 22nd, 2011 at around 8:00 pm EST the operation is set to commence. The plan is simple, flood UFO websites with fake reports of  a triangular UFO. Then just sit back and watch the world go crazy. LOL.

Is it childish? Yes. Is it funny? Yes. . . . Read Complete Report

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