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Romney Obama the Same? “There’s not a dimes worth of difference” (w/video)

I don’t know why those who claim to be conservative refuse to see that no matter whether it’s Obama or Romney. in the end, we’ll have the same results . . . no change . . . continuing down the same road to destruction. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. America’s last chance is Ron Paul. The Republicans had a chance to save our liberty but are too dumb as a group to see it. Read my lips, Romney and Obama answer to the same masters, the Controllers. . . .EDITOR

from AP

Who’s who? Obama, Romney projecting mirror image

By CONNIE CASS, Associated Press – 15 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — He’s a smug, Harvard-trained elitist who doesn’t get how regular Americans are struggling these days. More extreme than he lets on, he’s keeping his true agenda hidden until after Election Day. He’s clueless about fixing the economy, over his head on foreign policy. Who is he?

Your answer will help decide the next president.

Is it Barack Obama, as seen by Mitt Romney? Or Romney, the way Obama depicts him? For all their liberal versus conservative differences, when the two presidential contenders describe each other, they sound like they’re ragging on the same flawed guy. Or mirror images of that guy.

Will voters prefer the man waving with his left hand or his right? . . . Read Complete Article


from youtube  uploaded by WeAreRonPaul2012

Romney Vs Obama – Same Issues, Same Answers!

UPDATED: Published on Apr 23, 2012 by channel4truth2012