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THEI Eyeballs the War on the War on Drugs Part 1

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

YouTube ~ Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Nixon Invented War On Drugs To Attack Black People And Leftists

YouTube ~ The Young Turks

 John Ehrlichman was one of the henchmen for Richard Nixon. He was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate conspiracy. He was also part of a much broader conspiracy, which has only recently come to light. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. . . . Continue on YouTube

America’s War on Drugs: The CIA’s Project MKUltra | History

HISTORY  Published on Jun 20, 2017

Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs

Published on Oct 25, 2012

LEAP co-founder, Peter Christ, appears on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY and takes on all aspects of our disastrous War on Drugs. Captain Christ is vice-chair of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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The Lost War on Drugs Vamped Up BIG TIME by Elitist Controlled Trump Administration

 It must be noted that these figures are for 2017 ONLY. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

The Drug Clock courtesy of DrugSence. Visit site for a lot of educational information.


Jeff Sessions’ Authoritarian Drug Crackdown Won’t Work

YouTube ~ RonPaulLibertyReport

Streamed live 2 hours ago

On Friday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a directive to US Federal Prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible for drug infractions, even if it triggers large mandatory minimum sentences. Like the drug war itself, this new/old approach will prove a dismal failure. We’ll tell you why…

Candidate Donald Trump looking for votes from the 60% of the population who believe cannabis should be legalized . . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Donald Trump is for the Legalization of Marijuana
YouTube ~ Shila Armida
Published on Jan 27, 2017

Trump answers legalization of marijuana question at Reno, NV rally on 10/29/15. His answer: he supports medical marijuana FULLY, and supports state. (Rights on the issue)


U.S. map showing which states have legalized marijuana for medical use and chart showing increasing support in the U.S. for legalizing the drug outright. Three states vote on legalization in November. Chicago Tribune 2012

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‘Mexico’s war on drugs is one big lie’

From The Guardian by  The Observer

Anabel Hernández, journalist and author, accuses the Mexican state of complicity with the cartels, and says the ‘war on drugs’ is a sham. She’s had headless animals left at her door and her family have been threatened by gunmen. Now her courageous bestseller, extracted below, is to be published in the UK.

During January 2011, Anabel Hernández’s extended family held a party at a favourite cafe in the north of Mexico City. The gathering was to celebrate the birthday of Anabel’s niece. As one of the country’s leading journalists who rarely allows herself time off, she was especially happy because “the entire family was there. There are so many of us that it’s extremely difficult to get everybody together in one place. It hardly ever happens.” . . . Read Complete Extensive Report

The War On Drugs In Mexico (Full Documentary) (+) Narco War Next Door (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by SubscriptionFreeTV

The War On Drugs In Mexico

Published on Mar 29, 2013

The HCLU’s video advocacy team travelled to Mexico to film the negative consequences of the war on drugs campaign that has been launched by President Felipe Calderon in 2006.

When they first entered the country the number of people killed in the war approached 40.000. Today, the death toll is approximately 60.000. With the help of a like-minded local NGO, Espolea, they interviewed several politicians, professionals and activists to find out why so many people had to die: were they the necessary costs of an unescapable but winnebale war, as many decision makers say, or the victims of a failed policy? Please watch and share our video to find out the answers!

From youtube uploaded by ryan4447 on Apr 14, 2013

Narco War Next Door 

The War on Drugs is Racist (Video Report)

Featured Image: Jail Cell. CREDIT:Andrew Bardwell from Cleveland Ohio, USA. SOURCE: Wikipedia. (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by NewsPoliticsInfo

Published on May 8, 2013

On average, African Americans spend almost as much time in prison for drug offenses as white criminals do for violent offenses.



From Erowid

Authorship unknown Aug 31, 2000 Originally published on The Cannabis Information Network

How to Avoid Getting Busted And What to Do if You Are

Most of us realize that the laws prohibiting marijuana use for medicinal and recreation purposes are misguided. However, no matter how unjust the law is, we must be careful to avoid arrest.

It’s very easy to get arrested on marijuana charges. It’s equally easy to avoid getting busted. So let’s all smarten up and avoid jail time by reading the tips below . . . Read Complete Report


The war on drugs (The Prison Industrial Complex) (Full Documentary)

Photo: Prison Yard in Jackson, Michigan ca. 1920. SOURCE: Library of Congress (No known restrictions)

from youtube

Uploaded by onspirates

Uploaded on Jan 9, 2011

English language, Dutch subtitled documentary on the war on drugs and the prison industrial complex in the USA.

Children and the War on Drugs (Video Report)

From BrasscheckTV

Uploaded by CopsSayLegalizeDrugs

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010

LEAP speakers, Carol Ruth Silver, Nate Bradley, and Terry Nelson talk confront concerns about children and drug policy

US News & World Report: ‘Is It Time To Scale Back The War On Drugs?’

from NORML

by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director July 10, 2012

The editors at US News & World Report are asking the question, ‘Is it time to scale back the war on drugs?’ They’ve assembled a round-table of participants to respond.

Arguing in favor politics as usual are Kevin Sabet, former Senior Policy Adviser to President Obama’s Drug Czar and David Evans, Special Adviser to the Drug Free America Foundation. Predictably, neither author’s platitudes are resonating with US News readers. (Both Evans and Sabet have only 15 ‘up’ votes combined, versus some 650 ‘down’ votes.)

Myself, Aaron Houston (Executive Director: Students for Sensible Drug Policy), and Neill Franklin (Executive Director: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) take the opposite approach — and are much better received.

You can read an excerpt from my commentary below: . . . Read Complete Report

DEA agents out of control in Honduras (video report w/ bonus video)

When does this madness stop.

Even an idiot can see that this so called war on drugs is a failure. 

Of course, those of us who have been watching this phoney war since it started have seen enough paper documentation, video surveillance, whispered audio and blundering government 3 letter agencies  to know that the same people keeping the failed drug war on full-speed-ahead are the exact same people making the big bucks off of these drugs. In more ways than one. (Check GO DEEPER at the end of this post . . EDITOR

from youtube

Published on Jul 9, 2012 by

“The war on terror isn’t the only battle claiming innocent lives: the war on drugs in Latin America continues to rage on. In the past month, officers with the US Drug Enforcement Agency have shot and killed several innocent people in Honduras. To talk more about this, Adrienne Pine, professor at American University,joines us.” . . youtube

Come on in to the”THEI Insider Virtual Theater” and get comfortable and watch the first full length documentary we are presenting in our on-site theater, “The Mena Connection”;  Bush, Clinton, Drugs, Money and Murder. It’s a good place to start when documenting our governments shady involvement in the War n Drugs.

It’s a long presentation but I promise you’ll not get bored… even if you think you know the story some of the information will surprise you. 

Like the skeptic always says: “Extraordinary claims must have extraordinary proof”. To put that kind of proof together takes time.  Best if viewed in full screen mode . . . EDITOR

Go DEEPER: The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, Drugs,Money and Murder. (2.21.30)

UPDATE: The Ongoing Battle AGAINST Marajuana & Nixon’s Tapes Reveal the Beginning of Pot Prohibition

Much is said about the failed “War on Drugs” as a program that MUST continue no matter the cost, I’m afraid I have to disagree. The present drug policy is idiocy at work. . . or not at work.

  The first step would be to separate REAL drugs from light drugs. instead of spending so much on Marijuana control, a substance that every study since the 1800s has found not to be the danger that, starting with Nixon, has gotten so much bad press. 

It seems to me that being truthful about the lack of dangers of herb would make the job of controlling crack, coke, heron etc. a lot easier and a lot less costlier if the powers that be would stop using lies and propaganda to lump the hemp plant in with their manufactured dangerous drugs.  Every study of the plant its leaves and stems, has found little or no medical, psychological, or “dependance” associated with the herb. Lets face it, the only reason pot is illegal is because it would put a big dent in the Controllers pocket book and Richard Nixon’s total paranoia about anything he could not understand. . . which, as history has show wasn’t much. With that said, I have decided to add this new category to our growing list of Departments. . . Editor

Cannabis News



From Cannabisnews.com

Ohio Billionaire Bankrolling Mass. MMJ Question

Posted by CN Staff on February 07, 2012 at 19:23:54 PT

By The Associated Press 
Source: Associated Press

Boston — A proposed ballot question that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana in Massachusetts is being bankrolled almost entirely by an Ohio billionaire who has backed similar efforts in other states.

According to state campaign finance reports, Peter Lewis, chairman of the board of the auto insurer Progressive Corp. contributed $525,000 to the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, which is supporting the question . . . Read complete report

Legal Recreational Marijuana: Not So Far Out

Posted by CN Staff on February 06, 2012 at 05:29:44 PT
By Adam Cohen 
Source: Time Magazine

USA — The drive to legalize marijuana has long been a fringe cause, associated with hard-core libertarians and college-age stoners. But it could go mainstream in a big way in this November’s election, when Washington could become the first state to legalize recreational pot use. If it does — or if voters in any of several other states do — this year could be a turning point in the nation’s treatment of marijuana. . . Read Complete Report


From youtube
Marijuana Good For You? JAMA Study on Pot

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared lung function of marijuana smokers, tobacco smokers and nonsmokers. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss the surprising results on The Young Turks.

Marijuana compared to alcohol: Marijuana consumers smoke “to get high” while “a person drinks to have fun. . . . “At least with liquor I don’t lose motivation.” . . . Richard Nixon

Nixon Tapes Reveal Twisted Roots Of Marijuana Prohibition

White House Conversations Reveal Prejudices, Culture War Behind Nixon’s Drug War

The Former Governor Delivered An Honest, Thorough Report. The President Wanted Something Different.

Washington, DC: “We need, and I use the word ‘all out war,’ or all fronts . . . .” That was Richard Nixon’s reaction to his national commission’s recommendation that marijuana no longer be a criminal offense, according to Nixon’s Oval Office tapes. The year after Nixon’s “all out war” marijuana arrests jumped by over 100,000 people.

(Download a PDF copy of the CSDP Research Report, “Nixon Tapes Show Roots of Marijuana Prohibition: Misinformation, Culture Wars and Prejudice,” as well as text transcripts of portions of Nixon White House taped conversations, including the portions excerpted in the report. Also, check out this column written by humorist Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post on March 21, 2002, based on CSDP’s research work, “Just What Was He Smoking?” Read this op-ed by CSDP President Kevin B. Zeese, “Once-Secret ‘Nixon Tapes’ Show Why The US Outlawed Pot.” Finally, review the Shafer Commission’s report, “Marihuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding,” by clicking here.) . . . read complete report

WAKE UP AMERICA, we need a drug policy that works. The following report from “Common Sense for Drug Policy” is a start. Link to National Drug Control Strategy 1999.