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The plot thickens: Benghazi Obama’s Watergate? (Video Report)

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Published on Apr 15, 2013

The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT micro-doc (video)

Election “Fixing”

I first realized the possibility that the U.S. Presidency was no longer in the hands of the people when Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon was re-elected. Here’s a man who was obvious up to his jowls in Watergate, dirty politics, whispered connections to the mob and yet he wins by a majority? come on!

Once I read “VoteScam”, the story of the Collins brothers in southern Florida, I was sure of it: National elections are being “fixed”.   Have all the presidential elections since Nixon been “fixed”? I don’t think so, but probably. But it seems that In most of the elections they can convince the people to do their bidding through their media outlets and such, i.e the election of Obama..

I believe that the present election is without doubt the most important in my lifetime.  It’s one man with the knowledge and ability to turn our country in the right direction against the Controllers Contenders.  That man is Ron Paul.  Knowing the history of past elections I firmly believe that the elections will be fixed against Ron Paul. . . . EDITOR

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First Step?

Ron Paul Media Blackout

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