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“Site 300” Your Tax Dollars At Work (Video Report)

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Published on Jan 17, 2013

The Story of Your Enslavement (Video Report)

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Published on Oct 18, 2012

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world.

Choose Your Own Crime Stats (Video Report)

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Published on Dec 31, 2012

Crime stats they’d rather you not hear.

Print your own gun

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Making anything you want just became easier. 3-D printers are becoming more and more commonplace, and while it can allow some crafty designers to develop actual, real life prototypes and products with just a little bit of know-how and the right machinery, it isn’t all just fun and games, but guns too. One hobbyist recently made his own gun using blueprints he generated on his computer and exported to a 3-d printer. RT Web Producer Andrew Blake offers his take. . . . Published with Video