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THEI Selected Short Subject: “ObamaCare – “Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine” (Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Various Tablets. CREDIT: Vera Kratochvil. SOURCE: (Public-Domain)

From youtube uploaded by HerBunk on Apr 22, 2010

THEI Selected Short Subject: “New Beer” – Marijuana Policy Project NASCAR Ad (Video Ad)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Green Beer. CREDIT:Kara78. SOURCE: (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by Marijuana Policy Project

Published on Jul 25, 2013

NASCAR fans attending the 2013 Brickyard 400 races are being greeted by this ad on a jumbotron at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The spoof beer ad produced by the Marijuana Policy Project — — highlights the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol by characterizing marijuana as a “new ‘beer'” with “no calories,” “no hangovers,” and “no violence” associated with its use.

THEI Selected Short Subject: Spray-on clothing (Video Report)

Featured image: “Let’s all go to the lobby.” Produced by Filmack Studieos (mid-1950’s) SOURCE: youtube
THEI Selected Short Subject

from youtube uploaded by newscientistvideo· on Sep 17, 2010

THEI Selected Short Subject: Funny airplane landing on highway (Cool video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Cockpit of the Airbus A380 – Interactive Panorama. (Click on Link for full panorama) SOURCE: Cap’n Bob. NOTE: For Illustration purposes only and for enjoyment of being in the cockpit.

28 Jan 2009 at 18:27:09 · Filed under AviationCyberspacePanorama
Posted by Cap’n Bob

From youtube uploaded by The Lovely Baby Tiger

Published on Sep 30, 2012

Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months! Its name is 405, a 3-minute film produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt. So funny and exciting to see the airplane landing on the highway and an old lady giving buddy the finger.

THEI Selected Short Subject Rerun: “I’ll never smoke weed with Willie Again” (Music Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject Rerun

Featured Image: Willie Nelson promotional card by Columbia records, 1974. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by  Rick Kintz

Uploaded on Jan 9, 2007

Lil’ tribute to Willie Nelson and the gang!

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Beijing’s Weather Modification Bureau (Video Documentry) (+) THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: lightning strike at night. SOURCE: NOAAs National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL Collection). (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by ConspiracyStuff·

Published on Jun 26, 2013

It’s true: China actively manipulates the weather. But how – and why? Tune in to learn the Stuff China Doesn’t Want You To Know about modern weather manipulation and its possible long-term effects.

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER THEI Archive “Weather Modification”


THEI Selected Short Subject

Looking Back; The late, great Bobby “Blue” Bland ~ As Soon as the Weather Breaks”

THEI Selected Short Subjects: 50 YEAR OLD CARTOON PREDICTS THE FUTURE !!! NWO !!! (+) 9/11 Prediction in 1948 Cartoon? (Vidoes)

Featured Image: “Let’s all go to the lobby!” SOURCE: youtube (

THEI Selected Short Subjects Double Feature!

From youtube uploaded by geffeI on Jul 18, 2009


From youtube uploaded by thedia Uploaded on Sep 7, 2011

9/11 Prediction in 1948 Cartoon?

Info from the BigCartoonDatabase (

THEI Selected Short Subject: Does Obama Really Exist? (Video)

THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Credit: David Dees

From youtube uploaded by Snordster

Published on May 6, 2013




From URmomsOBGYN at :…

Robotic Fish Gain New Sense: Navigate Water Currents and Turbulence (+) THEI Selected Short Subject (Video)

Featured Image: Robotic fish. CREDIT: Image courtesy of Tallinn University of Technology SOURCE: Science Daily

From Science Daily

Mar. 6, 2013 — Scientists have developed robots with a new sense — lateral line sensing. All fish have this sensing organ but so far it had no technological counterpart on human-made underwater vehicles.

In an article published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A, researchers describe a robotic fish that is controlled with the help of lateral line sensors. . . . Read Complete Report


THEI Selected Short Subject

from youtube uploaded by ModernBrands

Zuru – Robo Fish

Published on May 8, 2012

Robo Fish. Small, intelligent and packed with the latest technology, the super cool techno-toy Rob Fish replicates the natural movement of fish and comes in 3 different series. Simply unwrap the Robo Fish, put it into water and watch it swim around like just like the real thing.

THEI Selected Short Subject: Google Street View captures couple having sex (Video Report)

THEI Selected Short Subject

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Apr 11, 2013

This takes Internet porn to a place it’s never been before: an Australian couple has been caught on camera having sex, and the images have ended up on Google Maps’ Street View feature. RT’s Meghan Lopez takes a look at two pranksters who pulled a fast one on Google and ended up making the most of a what have been a routine mapping project.
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