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Senate Moves Forward on Media Laws; Hayden Calls for Chinese-style Internet (Video Report)

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Published on Sep 16, 2013

Internet activist Barrett Brown hit with gag-order before trial (Video Report)

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NSA monitors global Internet traffic via private fiber-optic cables (Video Report)

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Published on Jul 9, 2013

The late Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska was right…at least, partially. The Internet is a series of “tubes” connecting the world’s major continents to each other. So given what we know about the NSA’s global surveillance operations from Edward Snowden’s leaks, we can gather some information about how the NSA actually goes about hacking into these tubes carrying global communications. RT Political Commentator Sam Sacks breaks it down.
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Internet sites join July 4 protest against surveillance

From Reuters  Thu Jul 4, 2013 2:45pm EDT

(Reuters) – The online community rallied on Thursday in support of live protests against the U.S. government’s surveillance of internet activity, a practice recently exposed by a former contractor for the National Security Agency.

Websites such as Reddit and Mozilla supported a campaign in cities across the United States to “Restore the Fourth” – a reference to the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against unlawful search and seizure. . . . Read Complete Report

LATEST BIG BRO INFO: Internet users targeted in massive NSA spy program (Video Report)

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Published on Jun 6, 2013

According to a report released by The Washington Post, the National Security Agency and the FBI have been partnering up to take user data from nine major Internet companies. Meghan Lopez explains the PRISM program.

FBI pushes for wiretap-friendly Internet (Video Report)

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Published on Jun 4, 2013

A new wiretap bill backed by the FBI has many Internet companies concerned that this new proposed legislation will open the floodgates to all Internet communication. The new motion will expand wiretapping designs significantly and includes the ability for law enforcement to gain access to emails and features like video chats. RT’s Meghan Lopez has more.

Push for US Internet ‘wiretap’ law faces tough road

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From Space War by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) June 2, 2013


“The FBI is stepping up its effort to get broader authority to put “wiretaps” on the Internet to catch criminals and terrorists.”. . .

. . . “Critics say such a move would be tantamount to giving the government a “backdoor” to every piece of hardware and software being used, which could be exploited by hackers, foreign governments or others.” . . .

. . . “”Maybe it’s time to use the mountains of information the FBI collects in a smarter way rather than trying to get more information” . . . Read Complete Report

Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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From Story Leak by  May 24th, 2013 Updated 05/24/2013 at 6:30 am

“In another verbal assault on net neutrality, Obama is now warning that both recent and future acts of terrorism stem from the accessibility of information on the internet.”

. . . “The simple reality is that the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials. It’s how we managed to break open the entire IRS scandal that has blown up in Obama’s face and led to calls for criminal action against top officials responsible for targeting Constitution-based groups with phony financial assaults. It’s also how we know about the truth surrounding Benghazi and what went down there. An event that has also generated serious awareness and even calls for impeachment.”


“So it should come as no surprise to find that Obama and others want the internet to be not only monitored by the government, but regulated as well. By using the ever-looming threat of domestic terrorism, it is simple to trace back extremists to certain internet sites that can be used as catalysts to enact legislation that endangers and annihilates internet freedom. Specifically, people like myself and others can be targeted in these crackdowns in order to give alternative news sources a bad name.” . . . Read Complete Report



Internet Scamming in Ghana (Full Video Documentary)

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From youtube uploaded by vice

Published on Mar 1, 2013

Fraudsters in Ghana show us how they use internet scams to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims all over the globe.

Aaron Swartz memorial: call for Internet freedoms (Video Report)

from youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Feb 5, 2013

On Monday, members of congress celebrated the life of internet activist Aaron Swartz in a memorial on Capitol Hill. Over 300 people attended the ceremony where lawmakers, family, activists, and academics spoke about Swartz’s life and called for federal reform of anti-hacking laws. Congressmen including Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Darrell Issa spoke at the event. Justine Underhill brings us more.
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