China’s Savage War With Space Aliens

China’s Savage War With Space Aliens
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 10:17
Some ancient writings of China that precede their calendar by as much as 300 years, suggest that regions to the north were invaded by extraterrestrial forces. These alien armies built pyramids, enslaved the people, and battled defiant Asian warlords. Yet another race, indigenous to the same area at that time, stepped into the battle. Gigantic men, 12-feet tall with flaming red hair and leather suits of armor, helped repel the alien intruders. It was a time when the ferocious giants roamed the earth. They saved Chinaand perhaps the worlddriving the alien hordes back into the limitless depths of the void… read complete report


  1. Johnny says:

    I would like to give some constructive suggestion, the alien race that was based in ancient Northern China was very close to the Chinese race as the Chinese respect and treat the alien very well. But one must note that there are other race that the alien contact on Earth at that time, but somehow, they cannot feel the closeness to the alien compare to the Chinese. Although the alien had left Human to run the world themselves, but the alien never forget the Chinese forefather who treat them so well even though they are not technological as advance as them. Somehow, they did not enslave the Chinese because at that time, the alien trusted the Chinese. But the alien treat others a bit different.

  2. Johnny says:

    The alien enslaved the blue-eyed blond people from Middle-East to build hundreds of pyramid in Northern China, the Chinese “tribe” because of their closeness to the alien colonizer, merely witness a interstellar war that help to free the slave as well as the colony itself. That’s why Chinese ancient Kings never mention the alien as their enemy, but speaks highly of the gods from the sky helping human and they are the son of heaven..even pray to them in the temple!

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