Your Second Chance for a Classic: Shavertron ~The Mimeograph Years ~ Authored by Richard Toronto Edition: 1

Featured Image: The June 1947 issue, Volume 21, Number 6, of Amazing Stories featuring the the first installment of the “Shaver Mystery” by Richard Sharpe Shaver. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (Public Domain)


Ziff-Davis Publishing Company. Cover art by Robert Gibson Jones



Richard Toronto’s Shavertron magazine is a one-of-a-kind fanzine continuation of Richard Shaver and “Shaver Mystery.” Whether  you know of Richard Shaver’s work or not, you’ll be amazed at the information contained in every issue of Shavertron. I thank Mr. Toronto for bringing this great fanzine back in its new format. . .”Highly recommended.”   “*****” . EDITOR

From Shavertron 11/4/2013

The Mimeograph Years

Authored by Richard Toronto
Edition: 1

Shavertron CREDIT Richard Toronto SOURCE createspacecom “Shavertron became the longest-lived Shaver Mystery fanzine, with 29 issues to its credit. Out-of-print for nearly 25 years, this elusive icon of the Shaver Mystery saga is now being offered in three volumes, the second and third to appear in 2014.” . . . Read more and order at  Shavertron Vol. 1.

Cover Artwork: CREDIT: Max Fyfield. SOURCE: Richard Toronto. Used with permission.





From youtube uploaded by hotkministry

I Remember Lemuria & Richard Shaver (Ray Palmer)

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HOLLOW EARTH ;My encounter with a Dero

Published on Jun 5, 2013

A story of an encounter with 3 different beings while I lived in Texas and reading a book 15 years later and seeing a picture of the exact thing that had grabed me and more details like this. Enjoy the true story and comment if you have seen this type because i would like to know and I will answer any resonable questions .thanks.

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