Steve Pierce on “iNSide Tha Jackals Head” this past 11/24/2013

Heard live on November 24th, 2013 on
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Tonight I’m joined by one of the main witnesses to the Travis Walton abduction case. As most of my listeners know I’m a major believer, and supporter of Travis, and his crew that was with him. My dream interview while doing ufology radio was to be able to interview Travis, and some of his crew members, and I’ve have Travis on my show, and produced another show he was on, and tonight one of the men who saw what happened will join me, and we will find out from his point of view what he’s thought about that night. All these years later.

Steve was only seventeen years old, when working as a logger as a crew of seven near Snowflake, Arizona. All seven men saw something that would forever change their lives when they encountered an out of place bright light on the evening of Nov. 5, 1975. As the men got closer to the light, they could see it was a craft hovering just above the trees.

One of the men, Travis Walton, exited the truck and headed towards the craft. Steve, having a window seat in the truck, witnessed a beam of light bolt from the craft and hit Travis, sending him flying through the air. The men took off suddenly, and upon returning a short time later, Travis was nowhere to be found.

The townsfolk became divided, when Steve and five co-workers were accused of murdering Travis. Reporters from all over the world arrived in the small town of Snowflake and hounded the men and their families.

Steve took a polygraph test which showed he was telling the truth of witnessing an unusual craft. The polygraph also showed Steve was telling the truth when he claimed he had not murdered Travis or knew of anyone else that murdered Travis or knew of Travis’s whereabouts.

Steve went into hiding for almost four decades, but was being tracked in those early years by UFO skeptic, Philip Klass. Klass offered Steve a large sum of money to change his story and claim it was a hoax.

Steve speaks at UFO conventions and appears on numerous radio programs. He also appeared on the television program ‘Paranormal Witness’ titled ‘The Abduction’ in October 2012.

Steve decided to try to bring out more of his memories through hypnotic regression with Yvonne Smith where he underwent three regressions in 2013.

Steve has only recently come out to tell his side of the story and what’s happened to him since he went on to become a long haul truck driver and is now retired. Steve is also in the midst of writing a book about his life story.

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