Adam Kokesh: the King of Civil Disobedience Updates

Debate with anti gunner leads to arrest at White House

YouTube ~  AdamKokesh

Published on May 7, 2017

Adam was arrested on a bogus warrant and did a week in jail as a result of this. He was held for Maryland to pick him up from jail in DC and they never did. This is not some big conspiracy, just another case of petty harassment of activists that is a feature of modern America, where everything I want to do is illegal. ūüėČ

Activist Adam Kokesh Speaks Out Following White House Arrest

YouTube ~ News2Share

Published on Apr 17, 2017
Adam Kokesh speaks exclusively to News2Share following his release from D.C. Central booking, where he was held from his April 10th arrest to the 15th.

Baltimore TSA & Airport Police assault journalist for filming at checkpoint

YouTube ~ AdamKokesh

Published on Jun 16, 2014

Adam gets assaulted by Baltimore Airport Police and TSA agents for exercising his right to film government agents in public. Police threaten him with arrest for refusing to show ID and provide his birth date. Hilarity ensues, but does he get arrested or make his flight?
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Adam VS the Robot White House Citizen Harassment Service

YouTube ~ AdamKokesh

Adam Kokesh – Freedom is Inevitable

YouTube ~ AdamKokesh

Adam Kokesh Speech – For The Love Of Freedom Tour – Jacksonville – 09/14/2016

YouTube ~ Consensual Interaction

“Freedom” by Adam Kokesh

FREEDOM! audiobook read by Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh Webpage:  The Freedom Line

Dig a Little DEEPER: Adam Kokesh

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