HUGE “Hole” On Mars Has Scientists Baffled 6/6/17 and other Possible Hollowness in Space & at Home (Extended Report)


Hollow Mars?

From Fox News Science

Huge, deep hole on Mars leaves scientists baffled

Fox News

A depression huge and deep on Mars has left astronomers baffled.

It was discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NRO), which has been studying the Martian surface for 11 years. The vast pit, estimated to be hundreds of feet across and surrounded by frozen carbon dioxide, is located on the south pole of Mars— sticking out among the Swiss cheese terrain of Earth’s closest neighbor. . . . Read Complete Report

As I have stated for 50 years it is my belief that planetary civilizations live inside planets and Earth’s outer civilization, man, is an experiment conducted by an Advanced Civilization that lives inside our planet to see if a civilization can exist on the outside of a planet for any length of time and what would happen to such an outer civilization placed here. Crazy Idea?  Maybe so, but here is another finding that, well . . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw (This site is not called The Hollow Earth Insider nothing)

HUGE “Hole” On Mars Has Scientists Baffled 6/6/17

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Published on Jun 5, 2017

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Deep, black mars holes

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Uploaded on Oct 14, 2007

Windows into the abyss
Black spots have been discovered on Mars that are so dark that nothing inside can be seen. Quite possibly, the spots are entrances to deep underground caves capable of protecting Martian life, were it to exist.
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Must See! Planet Mars Has Something Moving Under Its Surface! 6/18/16

YouTube ~ Published on Jun 18, 2016

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon!

Lets look at a few other mysteries of space concerning the possibility hollowness of other worlds 

Proof The MOON Is A Hollow Artificial Satellite? 1/15/17

YouTube ~ secureteam10

Astonishing Anomalies that Are Evidence of a Hollow Moon [VIDEO]

YouTube ~ Disclosure Nation

Published on Mar 30, 2017

Some of the strongest pieces of scientific evidence for the moon being hollow are that its density is too low for its size, and it rings like a bell, he cited. Some Russian scientists have proposed that the moon was artificially hollowed. The impact theory of the moon’s creation doesn’t seem accurate because there’s no evidence of a planetary body besides Earth hitting it.

An intelligent civilization might seek out a hollow moon or asteroid to “set sail on the cosmic sea,” and also use as a refuge to hide from more predatory species. The inside of such a body (he suspects the Martian moon Phobos is also hollow) could be mined out, and rotated to create gravity, he noted. A number of ancient civilizations such as the Maya spoke of a time when there was no moon, and Aristotle referred to an ancient race in Greece who said they existed before there was a moon in the sky. This suggests to him that the moon may have been maneuvered into its current position thousands or tens of thousands of years ago.

The Spaceship Moon Theory (Hollow Moon Theory)

YouTube ~ Non Human Entities

Published on Feb 25, 2017

The Hollow Moon Theory! the evidence to support the idea of our Moon being hollow was far greater than he had ever suspected and comes from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and sources. The Author discovered there is also a veritable avalanche of evidence for the existence of aliens and UFOs being on or in a hollow Moon. If you have ever wondered if the Moon might just be hollow, after reading this book, For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky, you will wonder no more. This book includes evidence for: — Recorded historical evidence for our Moon not always having been in our skies. — Discusses the truth of the Spaceship Moon Theory (Hollow Moon Theory). — Names the five main theories of our Moon’s origin and what’s wrong with them. — Shows evidence for not just one, but possibly two hollow moons!

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Inside Other Moons, Other Worlds


This artist’s concept shows a possible explosion resulting from a high-speed collision between a space rock and Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech





Aliens Inside Jupiter’s Moon Europa? NASA’s Secret Announcement! 9/22/16

YouTube ~ secureteam10

Back to Earth

Creek Indian Entrance to the Hollow Earth proof, hollow earth Map Expedition, hollow earth Theory

YouTube ~ NightTerrors

Published on Jun 8, 2017

Numerous new world passages allow access to the Hollow Earth. Although Hopi Indians are forbidden to reveal the Grand Canyon entrance leading to the “inside world”, other tribes will freely share such information with a trusted ally.

6 Clues That The Earth is Actually Hollow

YouTube ~ Beyond Science

Published on Jan 13, 2016

Here are some clues that may indicate that the Hollow Earth Theory is actually real and the earth is indeed hollow.

NASA Caught HIDING Something At North Pole! Hollow Earth? 5/20/16

Published on May 20, 2016

More on Hollow Earth:
Pyramid Images:…

From the 1990’s Hollow Earth Insider (THEI) Fanzine my personal Research into the possibility of a Hollow Earth. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

The first thing we must do is address a piece of disinformation that has been circulating throughout the Hollow Earth community for years. Once false information has been inserted into any subject it is very hard to to remove.  However I feel that those looking for the truth must expose the negative as well as the positive.  I have been trying to fight the continuing reference to this this particular piece of dung since I investigated it in the early 1990’s.  

That is the so-called “Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd”. People seem to continue to reference it constantly.  So read my research report, be sure and watch the short video at the bottom of the report and you decide.

 If you reach my conclusions, that this is plagiarized disinformation, please help me by passing along my research report to anyone who references it. I believe that if you do you will be doing a great service to those in search of the truth of the Hollow Earth Theory a great service.  And I thank you.

Link: “The Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd; Fact or Fiction?





For those seriously looking into the Hollow Earth theory I pass along a link to ALL of my research into every aspect of the “closest guarded secret in the world” that I have published in the early issues of THEI.  If anyone wants to contact me, or share information on this most fascinating subject they can send me an e-mail to  Subject Line: “Hollow Earth Investigations.”  I read and answer all e-mails with that subject line.  Thank you and keep digging deeper. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Link to Early Hollow Earth Theory/Subterranean World and related subjects from my research days (not ALL of it, gotta save some for the book) but all I have published on line. . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Link to early Hollow Earth Research:  THEI Deeper Link

Recent Related posting 6/14/17:

(Extended Report):  “THEI Returns to  the Antarctica”.

Dig a little DEEPER: Hollow Earth/Subterranean Worlds 

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