Saturday Night Drive-In Double Feature “Lonely are The Brave” Starring Kirk Douglas plus Second Great Kirk Douglas Feature and Selected Short Subjects

Lonely are the Brave

Remembering The Drive in Theater Intermission Ad’s 50’s 60’s

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Selected Short Subjects





Quotes from Life Yosemite Sam

Special Short Subject

TCM Tribute to Kirk Douglas

Batman and Robin, Episode 5: “Robin Rescues Batman!” (1949)

Coming Attractions

Next Week:

The Killers (1964) – Trailer

plus Second ‘Killer’ Feature & Selected Short Subjects.

Second Feature Presentation

The Master Touch – Heist movie starring Kirk Douglas

yahir bessent

Published on Feb 28, 2014…
Despite the objections of his wife, a safe-cracker recently released from jail decides to try one last job, With the help of a circus gymnast, the thief plans to defeat a foolproof safe in Germany and make off with 1 million.

Director Michele Lupo. Actors Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gemma, Florinda Bolkan.

Bonus Kirk Douglas Movie:

Ace in the Hole – Old Film in 1951<

Dig a Little DEEPER: Drive-In Saturday Night Double Feature

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