Romney loses to Paul in his own state

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Reader Wayne: Romney loses to Paul in his own state
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Date: Thursday, 3-May-2012 12:51:20

What may be the most embarrassing moment yet for Mitt Romney, during the race for the 2012 Republican Nomination, happened over the weekend in the very state in which he is the former Governor and calls home.

Ron Paul won.

Even though it was reported Sunday that Mitt Romney himself was apparently responsible for picking the slate of Massachusetts State Delegates he was hoping everyone would vote for, his delegates.

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, that didn’t happen.

Instead, over half of the delegates he was hoping people would vote for never made it, including notable State Republicans such as the House Minority Leader and other state politicians who even wanted to remain nameless.

Romney lost so badly in his home state that Ron Paul supporters were even voted in as the majority of the Alternate-Delegates, spiting hopefuls that included a popular 2010 gubernatorial candidate and a prominent Sheriff. . . . Read Complete Report



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