Treason From Within: The Road towards a Police State in America

Treason From Within: The Road towards a Police State in America
Defense Authorization bill allows for military detentions of American citizens in the US.
by Dr. Andrew Bosworth
Global Research, November 28, 2011

Preparing for the Final Takedown?

[Excerpt]  “There is a shocking piece of legislation working its way through Congress. A Defense Authorization bill for 2012 allows for military detentions of American citizens on American soil. These can be indefinite detentions, with no trial.” . . .

“Fortunately, there is some resistance to the NDAA for 2012 bill, to this Department of Defense power grab, including by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif), the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the chairman of the Judiciary Committee . Continue this important report.

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  1. trea says:

    I am not alone.
    I worked for GERALD PARSKY in 1997 – on his ranch. I was injured and FIRED. JW August of Channel 10 News – San Diego – did an EXPOSE of Gerald and Robin Parsky and me – I lost my copy. But believe me, THINGS are really messed up. Way too much to tell now. I went to Law School to try to have SOME CONTROL of ILLEGAL ACTS committed against myself and my husband, Franklin. SEEMS there is a LOT of CORRUPTION in the JUDICIAL SYSTEM. I could really use some HELP!!!!
    I am FIGHTING on many fronts Completely alone. They all seem to be contaminated. I have never checked my new email ( but I might check it. I am too stressed out and paranoid to check my other 3 emails (,, – Franklin was DRAFTED INTO MARINE Corps in 1970 – Vietnam 1971-1973) He doesn’t say much but I have pieced together a lot. Ed Bradley hung out with Franklin in Vietnam. I found these sites by googling Parsky a few months ago. I am telling as many people as possible to get informed and stop new world order – IT IS VERY REAL!!!!

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