Roswell UFO Festival – How Much Money Does It Bring In? (w/video)

from Top Secret Writers

From June 29th through July 1, Roswell, New Mexico will be putting on one of its largest tourist attractions – the Roswell UFO Festival, otherwise known as “Galaxy Fest”.

Earlier this week, Gabrielle posted an article about the event, stating that ultimately it served to bring tourist dollars into Roswell. I wondered just how much money the area has vested in the tale of crashed alien ships over 60 years ago? What I discovered was somewhat disturbing.

The City of Roswell and its Parks and Recreation Department invest a great deal of energy and resources putting on the festival each year, with the hopes that the multitudes of UFO enthusiasts from around the world will attend – bringing in about 10,000 people from countries around the entire world (1). . . . Read Complete Article

Roswell UFO Festival

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It’s wild, it’s crazy but most of all it’s a whole lot of fun! Do you believe?

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