DEA To Legalize Natural THC… But Only For Big Pharma (w/video)


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Those of us within the medical marijuana industry – suffer no illusion regarding what is apparently the true nature of the DEA, and their make-believe war on drugs. As the DEA’s fantasy war against its own people, has been framed in such a way as to not offend the public. While at the same time fooling them into believing that their children are being protected from dangerous drugs; when in actuality, the DEA is merely protecting the massive profits that are being raked in by the major drug companies. These major pharmaceuticals companies have a long and sorted history of finding ‘street corner’ drug trends. Then copying, repackaging and distributing them as a new medication. Then just for good measure, selling them back to our kids – as some new FDA wonder pill. . . . Read Complete Report

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Natural VS Synthetic THC

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Natural VS Synthetic THC

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