Australian outlaw Ned Kelly’s remains to go to family (W/ video documentary)

From BBC News (Asia)

2 August 2012 Last updated at 03:38 ET


The remains of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly will be handed to his descendants for burial more than 130 years after he was hanged for murder.

The headless remains of Kelly, who led a gang in Victoria in the late 1800s, were identified last November through DNA tests.

The bones were found in a mass grave outside the former Pentridge Prison.

The site’s property developers wanted to keep the remains but Kelly’s family wanted the bones returned. . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube

Besieged – The Ned Kelly Story

Published on May 4, 2012 by 

“The rise of terrorism and the persistence of social liberation movements highlight the question: what is the right way to respond to a corrupt government, oppression and injustice? The exploits of Ned Kelly, Australian icon and notorious outlaw, raise the same question. Thought a hero by some and a terrorist by others, this documentary sets out to examine the man and the issues and to tell the historically accurate story…Was Ned Kelly an outlaw, a freedom fighter or simply a murderer?” . . . Posted with Documentary

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