Something we Missed? 5 Reasons To Fear Robots

Here is a GREAT Report from Live Science that I somehow missed back in February. It defines perfectly what we are following in our “Robot becomes Human” research. Sorry it took so long guys, but at least it’s now in our research archive. Highly recommended. . . EDITOR

from Live Science

Jeremy Hsu, LiveScience Senior Writer
Date: 24 February 2012 Time: 10:59 AM ET
Metal Madness

Real robot names such as Roomba and Asimo don’t evoke as much fear as the fictional “Terminator.” But consider that Roomba, the automated vacuum cleaner, is manufactured by iRobot, creator also of armed robot warriors for the U.S. military. And Asimo represents just the first wave of an incoming tsunami of robots that strive to look and act eerily human.

It goes beyond automated vacuums and mildly entertaining dance-bots. Japan and Korea plan to deploy humanoid robots to care for the elderly, while the United States already fields thousands of robot warriors on the modern battlefield. Meanwhile, plenty of people have enhanced their bodies technologically in ways that bring them closer to their robotic brethren.

So it’s OK to become a bit of a paranoid android, because many experts say that the robotic future is rapidly approaching . . . Read Complete Report

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