Jonestown and Brainwashing; A US government funded project? (Video) & Jonestown: Final Report (Video)

Photo: This image is from “the Jonestown Institute” at San Diego State University. The image is photo of Troolie Cottages Jonestown that is imaged:



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Dan Mitrione, US torture expert -portrayed in the movie “State of Siege” – came from the same
town as Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy.

They also happened to be in Brazil at the same time. (Jones was there to “study” before he started his cult back in the US.)

The two men also shared an affiliation with a three letter government agency.

What no one ever told you about Jonestown. Hold onto your hat. . . . Posted at with video

From youtube

The Final Report – Jonestown (Documentary)

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November 19, 1978. A devastating story about a organizational religious group. An insight on an insular world. A cult which is lead by a charismatic leader, named: Jim Jones. Whose followers are desperately willing, multicultural and who are poor, which the members are never to escape. Unfortunately, the estimated 1000 populated group are poisoned by a grape-flavoured cyanide drink and end up dead (Including Jones). Is this mass suicide? Or mass murder? This, is Jonestown. . . . Text posted with video on youtube

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