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Feds Sentence Liberty Dollar Activist

Featured Image: Liberty Dollars. libertydollar.org (site removed due to court order) Credit: Bernard von NotHaus Source: Wikipedia (Fair Use)

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Published on Dec 8, 2014

He started out in search of a new way to trade. When dollars and cents just weren’t making sense, he forged ahead on his own, and developed the Liberty Dollar. Bernard von NotHaus was his name. You might remember him from recent years, when federal authorities raided his home and confiscated his private silver coins. When von NotHaus said he was trying to invent a currency free of government control, prosecutors told the court he was guilty of domestic terrorism.

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Bernard Von Nothaus on Glenn Beck

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The fractional reserve banksters don’t appreciate Liberty Dollar offering a currency that actually has inflation proof value, so they sent their minions (FBI) to shut them down on November 15th. Seizing all their silver, gold, copper, and platinum medallions, files, and computers.

Internet activist Barrett Brown hit with gag-order before trial (Video Report)

Featured Image:Photograph of Barrett Brown, Given to uploader by the photographer. SOURCE: Wikipedia. (This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Karen Lancaster. This applies worldwide).

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UPDATE: Adam Kokesh Charged with Felony Assault on Federal Officer (+) Activist Kidnapped by Police in Philadelphia After Attending Kokesh Hearing (Video)

Featured Image: Jail Cell. CREDIT: Andrew Bardwell from Cleveland Ohio USA. SOURCE: Wikipedia. (Public domain).

UPDATE NEWS:Video Report. . . Adam Kokesh Charged with Felony Assault on Federal Officer


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Activist Kidnapped by Police in Philadelphia After Attending Kokesh Hearing

Welcome to the Nazi police state ladies and gentlemen, and if you think that my use of the word “Nazi” is sensationalist, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

As we reported earlier this week, Adam Kokesh, and organizer N.A. Poe were arrested at the fifth edition of the “Smokedown Prohibition” in Philadelphia.  Yesterday we confirmed that they are both being held in a federal detention center on trumped up charges of assaulting a police officer, when video evidence clearly shows otherwise.

Activists everywhere are rightfully outraged, and many have made efforts in the Philadelphia area to support these political prisoners.  As expected, the police state is not taking this lightly, and yesterday they even arrested and innocent person simply for attending a court hearing. . . . Read Complete Report

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Published on May 20, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Five members of The Panic Hour were followed into the City Hall rail station in Center City Philadelphia. Kyle Prouty was illegally searched and detained by SEPTA police officer Nicole Lawson at 3:20pm on 5/20/13. Kyle was charged with “disorderly conduct” “obstructing a highway and other public passage” and “resisting arrest”. The people in this video had just left an arraignment hearing for Adam Kokesh and Nikki Allen Poe who were kidnapped from a peaceful marijuana rally on 5/18/13. They are currently being held illegally in Federal Detention at the Federal Detention Center 700 arch street Philadelphia Pennsylvania. https://www.facebook.com/PoliceStateUSA

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