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Alien visitors? Few Americans seem worried

As I have said many, many times I do not believe there would be mass panic among the worlds people if it was announced that we were being visited from outer space by aliens. We have been indoctrinated to “UFOs from outer space” by propaganda alluding to this fact by the controlled media, entertainment industry, government and policing agencies for the past 50 some-odd years.  But let’s change the origin as to E.T’s home-base to somewhere on or in the earth.

I believe it to be a pretty good bet that if the worlds masses were to find out that we are sharing our planet with a further advanced civilization. . . then there would be mass panic worldwide. . . . EDITOR 

from The Wanatchee World

Alien visitors? Few Americans seem worried

Los Angeles Times

Friday, June 29, 2012

LOS ANGELES — Not only do more than 80 million Americans believe that UFOs exist, many are not afraid of an alien drop-in, according to a new study.

As part of its new “Chasing UFOs” series, the National Geographic Channel conducted a poll to assess Americans’ views on the paranormal. The study found that 11 percent of those polled firmly believed they had spotted a UFO.

In addition, most of those polls said they would regard a minor alien invasion as only a minor inconvenience. And most expect the visitors to be “E.T.”-type friendly, according to a news release on the study.

In spite of the recent uproar over the Miami face-chewing incident, 71 percent in this survey were more likely to believe in aliens than in zombies — or vampires or superheroes, for that matter.

The study threw in a few fun questions. . . . Read complete Report