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Antarctic Mystery: The Lost World of Lake Vostok (Full Video Documentary)

Featured Image: NASA photo of Lake Vostok. (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by DarkMattersTV on Feb 19, 2013





What Lies Beneath: NASA Antarctic Sub Goes Subglacial (W/Video)

From Terra Daily

by Staff Writers
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 06, 2013

When researcher Alberto Behar from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., joined an international Antarctic expedition last month on a trek to investigate a subglacial lake, he brought with him a unique instrument designed and funded by NASA to help the researchers study one of the last unexplored aquatic environments on Earth.

Called the Micro-Submersible Lake Exploration Device, the instrument was a small robotic sub about the size and shape of a baseball bat. Designed to expand the range of extreme environments accessible by humans while minimally disturbing the environment, the sub was equipped with hydrological chemical sensors and a high-resolution imaging system. . . . Read Complete Report


Antarctic Sub-glacial Lake Mini-Sub


Embedded video from
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

Finding Life in the Volcanic Systems of the Antarctic Polar Front

Photo: The yeti crabs on the sorting table before being shared out to scientists. CREDIT/SOURCE Hot Vents, Cold Ocean

From Science Daily

Dec. 13, 2012 — Volcanic waters in the cold Southern Ocean are the destination for RRS James Cook’s current expedition. Scientists are exploring a 2-mile deep water system of hydrothermal vents, calderas and cold seeps on the seabed off the coast of Antarctica.

Led by Prof Paul Tyler of the University of Southampton Ocean and Earth Science, which is based at the National Oceanography Centre, the scientists are investigating four sites that were discovered on an earlier expedition to the region. . . . Read Complete Report

Official Website: Hot Vents, Cold Ocean
Friday, 21 December 2012
9 – Collecting the creatures of the deep
When the ROV Isis  finds an interesting place on the seafloor, the sampling begins! Isis  is equipped with manipulator arms that can pick up samples to place them in boxes on the front of the vehicle, but as many deep-sea animals are very delicate, it is usually best to use the suction sampler (see image below). . . . Visit site

SPECIAL THEI REPORT: Secrets of the Bifröst by William Michael Mott

 Secrets of the Bifröst


by William Michael Mott THEI Special Contributor

Fans of folklore and mythology are probably well-familiar with the Norse legends of gods, giants and heroes: the Norse myths, viking or Norse sagas, and related materials.  Richard Wagner created an entire feverish mystique about a forgotten “nordic” age with his adaptation of the story of the Rhinegold, Sigurd, and Siegfried, with his “Ring Cycle” series of operas, and its Germanic version of Norse gods and devils, giants and dwarfs, of worlds spread up and down the viking-age Tree of the Universe, Yggdrasil.  This in turn was a huge inspiration  Read more

Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift ‘speeding ice melt’ (w/video)

If the new findings that “the Antarctic is home to a geological rift system where new crust is being formed, meaning the eastern and western halves of the continent are slowly separating.” then we have more proof supporting the “Expanding” or “Growing” earth Theory. Which I believes adds credence to the “Hollow Earth Theory.” Of course we also have to ask the question: Where is the source of the “warm water”? . . . EDITOR 

from BBC News

25 July 2012 Last updated at 13:11 ET

By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News

A rift in the Antarctic rock as deep as the Grand Canyon is increasing ice melt from the continent, researchers say.

A UK team found the Ferrigno rift using ice-penetrating radar, and showed it to be about 1.5km (1 mile) deep.

Antarctica is home to a geological rift system where new crust is being formed, meaning the eastern and western halves of the continent are slowly separating.

The team writes in Nature journal that the canyon is bringing more warm sea water to the ice sheet, hastening melt. . . . Read Complete Report

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Conspiracy of Science – Earth is in fact growing

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“This video is a Neal Adams animation about his theory that the Earth is growing. This collides with the Pangea theory. Watch it, you will be amazed. . . . Text posted with video.

“THEI presents “Unraveling the Secrets” with Guest Neal Adams
with hosts Dennis Crenshaw & Rick Osmon
Date Recorded: Fri, September 11, 2009

Death Chain: Antarctic HAARP Activation

from beforeitsnews.com
Friday, May 11, 2012 9:29
What are they up to in Antarctica?
Mysterious structures appearing at the bottom of the world are cropping up like mushrooms in a forest after a downpour.
What’s going on in Antarctica?
HAARP is going on: three competing superpowers are in a secret, breakneck race to be the first to control the world’s ionosphere.
Deadly electronic stranglehold on Earth
Many researchers delving into the Byzantine labrynth of the world of HAARP conclude that the network of ionospheric manipulators is nothing less than a diabolocal technologya perversion of Nicola Tesla’s early 20th Century workmalevolant machines engineered for a dual purpose: to unravel the mysteries of the ionosphere and then hijack it.
The discordant harmonies of the HAARP war may be the causal factor behind mass animal deaths around the world; it may be creating eerie harmonics striking fear into people on several continents; and it could be causing maddening sonic attacks driving some people to the brink of insanity in England and Canada. . . . Read Complete Report w/charts. photos etc.



UPDATE: We know where they are! Antarctic explorer says Russian scientists drilling at ‘alien’ underground lake are safe

We are keeping a close eye on this research.  I’m sure  the scientific information found in Lake Vostok will answer a lot of questions about our planet and the Antarctic. I just hope the information is passed along to the world. Unfortunately at least one early scientific study of Antarctica never got beyond the Controllers.

In 1936-37 Admiral Byrd headed the first Antarctic extensive scientific study. After returning to America Byrd handed all 17 of the books filled with scientific information about the expedition over to his financier, David Rockefeller.  Despite a large outcry from his many scientific partners the 17 books containing this information have never been seen again. . . EDITOR

Go DEEPER Admiral Byrd and the Polar Mysteries

We know where they are! Antarctic explorer says Russian scientists drilling at ‘alien’ underground lake are safe but still ‘working round the clock’ as polar winter looms

By Rob Cooper and Thomas Durante

Last updated at 3:10 AM on 6th February 2012

  • Antarctic summer will come to an end within days – team’s last chance to leave the station
  • Conditions in lake similar to lakes on moons of Saturn and Jupiter
  • Remote station recorded coldest-ever temperature on earth: -89C
  • Lake has had no contact with man-made pollutants or Earthly life forms for millions of years

An American professor and expert of the Antarctic said he believes contact with a team of Russian scientists that has not made contact with colleagues in the U.S for seven days has merely been busy as they drill into a lake buried beneath the Antarctic ice for 20 million years.

Professor John Priscu told usnews.com in an email that the crews have been working ‘round the clock’ to beat the end of Antarctic summer, which ends Tuesday. Afterwards, temperatures will fall to deadly levels.

He said: ‘I can assure you that they are not lost or out of contact. I never said the Russians were lost.’

The scientists are currently battling conditions of up to minus 66C at Lake Vostok as they raced to drill into a lake buried two miles beneath the ice before the weather closed in. . . Read complete report

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Antarctic lake drilling mission edges closer

from BBC

By David Shukman Environment & science correspondent, BBC News

15 January 2012 Last updated at 19:15 ET

An ambitious plan to explore a vast lake trapped beneath the Antarctic ice is a step closer to becoming reality.

An advance party has braved freezing temperatures to set up vital equipment and supplies at Lake Ellsworth.

The project by UK engineers to drill through the two-mile-thick ice-sheet is scheduled for the end of the year.

The aims are to search for signs of life in the waters and to extract sediments from the lake floor to better understand the past climate.

It is is one of the most challenging British scientific projects for years.

The task is so complex that preparations have had to be spread over two Antarctic summer seasons.

In the first phase a “tractor train” has just hauled nearly 70 tonnes of equipment from an ice runway at Union Glacier through the Ellsworth mountains to the lake site. . . . Read complete report