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Laseria Map Collection: Is the Earth hollow? (video)

Here is a well put together tour of the Laseria Map Collection. The question, Is the Earth Hollow? Great video even if you don’t care about the make-up of our earth, looking at the map’s and the information presented are worth your time . . . EDITOR

The on-again-off-again North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is ‘on’ Again

from NPIEE.com (North Pole Inner Earth Expedition)

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is the Greatest Expedition in the History of the World.

Sunday, January 08, 2012 2:20

The Yamal was retired in 2008. The Captain Kalibnikov is the only civilian ship remaining in the world that can make this voyage. It is 450 feet long, weighs 23,000 tons, and has a 4 ½ year fuel supply. It is capable of carrying 100 passengers. It also has a helicopter and a small boat used for forward exploration and for sampling the sea and ice. The Yamal is the key to success for equipment to reach and successfully study the arctic regions. The team is going to be well housed on this ship for the 14-day charter. No diesel craft can make this journey. We need at least 5 days on location to take the measurements necessary to make the project a success.

As a scientific expedition, we will spend our time sampling and testing the organic, biological elements on and under the ice. Items that we will examine include: . . . read complete report