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Self-Burying Robot Could Be Hiding in Your Backyard Right Now (with Video)

Featured Image: Illustration of boring into the ground. CREDIT: Torero from nl. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (GNU Free Documentation License. Public Domain).

From IEEE Spectrum By Evan Ackerman


Bio-inspired robotics has been all over the place. We’ve got robots that walk, run, climb, fly, crawl, and swim. We’ve been kind of missing out on a big domain, though, and that’s animals that dig. You know, like moles. Unlike just about any other sort of robot (or animal), you could have a whole family of moles chillin’ within just a few feet of you (assuming you’re close to the ground, of course) and you’d probably have no idea. And that’s appealing for certain robotic applications:

“One use case is for this robot to drive or be air-dropped to a location close to a target, bury itself to be hidden, perform video surveillance, and send that video back to an operator.” . . . Read Complete Report


Design of a Bimodal Self-Burying Robot

ICRA 2013

This project was presented at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. The paper included in the conference proceedings can be found here.

Paper Abstract

Subterranean exploration so far has primarily been performed with the assistance and involvement of human beings. As more ground is broken and more layers are explored, the need for a robotic solution to make digging both easier and safer becomes greater. The applications of a self-burying robot extend from mining and military applications to humanitarian applications. This paper elucidates design principles that form the foundation for self burying robots. In this paper, a bimodal robot is described which is capable of travelling above-ground in one mode and capable of burying itself in the other mode. The variables that affect digging are examined, as well as the design decisions made in order to optimize the resources available to the robot. Finally, future work in the area of self-burying robots is discussed. . . . Read Complete Report


From youtube uploaded by GerbilGod7

Published on Jun 27, 2013

“Design Of A Bimodal Self-Burying Robot,” by Carl Darukhanavala, Andrew Lycas, Arpit Mittal, and Ashwinram Suresh from Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute,, was presented at ICRA 2013 in Germany last month.

Sheriffs Deputy: Sailor I shot in her backyard ‘startled me’ (w/video)

from the Raw Story

By Arturo Garcia
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 15:31 EDT

A retired U.S. Navy veteran and her family are asking their local sheriffs department to own up to their role in a shooting of the servicewoman in her backyard.

According to KSWB-TV, San Diego County Sheriffs Deputy Luke Berhalter shot 36-year-old former Air and Sea rescue team member Jennifer Orey in her home Sunday at point-blank range while searching for a suspect.

Orey’s brother, Jim Morgan, said Tuesday Orey asked Berhalter why he did it.

“The cop said, ‘Well, I’m sorry, you startled me,’” Morgan said. . . . Read Complete Report