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MARS REPORTING: Chemcam Laser First Analyzes Yield Beautiful Results (w/video)

from Mars Daily

by Staff Writers
Los Alamos NM (SPX) Aug 24, 201

Members of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover ChemCam team, including Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists, squeezed in a little extra target practice after zapping the first fist-sized rock that was placed in the laser’s crosshairs last weekend. Much to the delight of the scientificteam, the laser instrument has fired nearly 500 shots so far that have produced strong, clear data about the composition of the Martian surface.

“The spectrum we have received back from Curiosity is as good as anything we looked at on Earth,” said Los Alamos National Laboratory planetary scientist Roger Wiens, Principal Investigator of the ChemCam Team. “The entire MSL team was very excited about this and we popped a little champagne. . . . Read Complete Report 

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First look: Nasa releases Mars Curiosity rover colour panoramic

Published on Aug 10, 2012 by 

Nasa’s Curiosity rover sends more photos from the surface of Mars – including a colour panoramic image of the Gale Crater landing site.