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President Obama Wants a Second (Socialistic) Bill of Rights

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Rand Paul said the following about what he believes are President Obama’s real political ambitions:

“I think the President understands the Constitution enough to know that he would prefer a different type of constitution. [Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsberg said she admired the South African Constitution. So, I think that’s more of where the President is coming from.”

I checked to see what the economic conditions are like in South Africa. “According to official estimates, a quarter of the population is unemployed; however, unofficial estimates put the real unemployment rate as high as 40%. A quarter of South Africans live on less than $1.25 a day.” The people of SA are becoming more equal, equally poor.. . . Read Complete Report

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Today (My Birthday) should be as recognized as the 4th of July…. Most Americans have no idea why …

The Historical Date the Controllers do not want you to think about

Today (my birthday) December 15th is a Historical Day that deserves to be a national holiday more than some of those that are recognized by the Washington Controllers.  Tell all your friends.. on December 15th 1791 the Bill of Rights became the law of the land, but . . .

I’m sure the Controllers got a chuckle out of that fact when yesterday, Dec. 14th 2011 another of the many steps towards shredding the Bili of Rights was passed in the House . . . EDITOR

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House Passes Indefinite Detention Bill After Obama Reverses Veto Threat

dam Clark Estes13,986 Views Dec 14, 2011

Update (7:10 p.m.): The House just passed the bill. The Associated Press reports, “The vote Wednesday evening was 283-136. In a closed-door meeting, conservative Republicans had expressed some concerns over the provisions, fearing an expanded role for the military in domestic law enforcement.” Next stop: the Senate, where the bill is likely to pass. Then, Obama’s desk. . . . Continue

Here is an article from the Daily Caller that it I’d like you to pass around:

Bill of Rights Day – What’s Left of Them


We continue to  add other instincts where the Controllers shred or delude our rights and we promise to continue  watching the Controllers and their pals and will continue reporting anything we find . You can find articles and reports on all the dirty deeds the Controllers are involved  in in our Eyeballin the One World Order archives.  Also remember new cutting edge content is added to the the New Hollow Earth Insider daily . bookmark and check back often.  . . Enjoy!… Editor