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Voynich Manuscript “The Most Mysterious MS in the world” Decoded?

From Mail Online

‘Prophet of God’ claims mysterious manuscript’s code has been cracked

By Leon Watson

Last updated at 12:44 PM on 3rd December 2011

It’s known as the world’s most mysterious manuscript – an illustrated tome that’s baffled experts for centuries.

Written in bizarre ‘alien’ characters and illustrated with sketches no one can understand, the book’s author is unknown and it has no official title.

Cryptographers, historians and bibliophiles have examined the 15th Century text. But so far no-one has worked out what it means. . . continue


I have been intrigued by this MS myself for many years. The hundreds of flowers and plants that are presented in amazing detail is what I have studied the most. They are like nothing found on earth no matter what the above article claims.  But inside the earth… ah….?  EDITOR
                            More info and this photo available on Wikipedia.